Productivity Eliminate Hepatitis B

Thursday, November 25, 2010 Label:
Hepatitis B is a disease that has a high fatality rate. Disease patients who showed no early gelaja can be unproductive when it is exposed to hepatitis B.

This was said by Chief District General Hospital (Hospital) Bandung Obedient Tagore while attending a Hepatitis B Vaccination for Peloper Free newspaper and Hygiene Officer Hall Road in the city of Bandung, Jalan Dalem The Thursday (25/11).

In greeting the mayor of Bandung, which was read, Obedient said Hepatitis B vaccination is a long-term effort to protect yourself against hepatitis B. Self-protection is expected to improve the quality of public health to the target Bandung Bandung healthy.

"The phrase to prevent than to treat it may sound cliche, but it's true. How could a person can live well if the time, energy, and thoughts run out to think about health when stricken with illness," said Obedient.

On behalf of the City Government of Bandung,. Obedient to express his gratitude to morning PT Biofarma and Daily Tribun Jabar who have given hepatitis B vaccination free of charge to peloper newspapers and street cleaners in Bandung.

"Hope is not only a long-term protection for peloper newspaper and cleaners who take part in this free vaccination. We hope this can be a source of inspiration for people to keep and maintain the quality of health as a capital to carry out daily activities," he said.

Chief Editor Daily Tribun Jabar Cecelia Burdansyah morning in his speech said, pain can eliminate a lot of opportunities to find sustenance, stay in touch, and doing other activities. The loss not only suffered by the patient, but also by the surrounding community.

"If for example, a janitor in the city of Bandung is sick, it can be imagined losses resulting from it. Not only the sick person that loss but also all the people in Bandung, because someone did not clean the street," he said.

For that, said Cecelia, Daily Morning Tribune and PT Jabar Biofarma will not stop committed to healthy communities. Support for the public to behave in a healthy life will always be given.

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