In North Sumatra Indonesia 30 Babies Born Each Month Mute

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Label:
It is estimated there are about 30 babies in North Sumatra (North Sumatra) was born with a condition of dumb. Hearing loss in the period before birth and after birth.
"On the field itself, from 4 thousand babies born per month, 8 infants in the dumb and deaf. Means, in North Sumatra could reach 30 people per month the baby is born mute," said Chairman of the Regional Committee for Prevention Hearing Loss and Deafness North Sumatra, dr Delfitri Munir, in Medan.
For that, he continued, should be anticipated to reduce infant born in a state of mute and deaf. Movement negate the baby is born deaf and dumb was proclaimed.
Declaration which will be lead by the Poverty Hearing Loss and Deafness (PGPKT) of North Sumatra will be attended by all Head Hospital in Medan, which handles labor.
He said there were two factors that cause hearing impaired infants who later lead to the deaf and dumb that is due to genetic and non genetic factors.
"Children and parents are also at risk of suffering deafness descent suffer from hearing loss. In addition, the causes of hearing loss before non-genetic birth occurs during pregnancy, especially in the first three months of pregnancy," he said.
He appealed for parents to detect hearing loss early newborn screening with a tool that should ideally be done at the age of two days or before the baby is two months old. Because if treated early, children who have symptoms of deaf and dumb can be above even approaching a normal person can speak .
"If it's born, do not jump to take home but were detected before his hearing. Moreover, infants who sleep soundly, that's one of the symptoms of children suffering from deaf and mute.
"So far, new parents know if their children dumb and deaf after his son berusaia 3-4 years. Though it's too late, even if the result is not handled as expected," he said.
In addition, hearing impaired infants can be overcome with a definite diagnosis and habilitation (intervention) with assay Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE). If there are abnormalities then followed by BERA (brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry).
"But as well, we really hope to get support from Pemko Medan. At least budgeted procurement detection assays such as screening and hearing aids in Jamkesda, because without the help of City Administration, we can not do more," he said
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