Lenovo Rilis IdeaCentre B520

Saturday, March 3, 2012 Label:
The Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo introduces PCs All-In-One (AIO) IdeaCentre B520 tailored to meet the needs of Indonesian families.
Regional Business Manager Indonesia Julius Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 AIO Tjhin said combining five important role that the performance capabilities of PCs that are reliable, responsive touch screen capabilities, the ability to turn on the TV, the ability to play 3D games and saving space.
"Alo other PC does not have as much functionality IdeaCentre B520. PC Mac AIO branded fruit (Apple) do not feature a touch screen," he said when it held a media conference in Jakarta on Friday (2/3).
Lenovo instill a high level of computer skills in IdeaCentre B520 AIO PC Intel Core i7 processors like the second generation, high-sense web cam, a screen 23-inch full HD with NVIDIA 3D Vision solution of choice, 4GB DDR3 memory, Serial ATA 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTI, Tray-in Rambo DVD and integrated stereo.
Another advantage, AIO PC has the Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Dynamic Brightness System for mensesuaikan screen brightness based on ambient light conditions automatically and features Eye Distance System to alert the user, if the position of watching them too close to the screen.
Users do not have to worry about losing data due to immerse Lenovo Resque System 3.0 features to back up and data recovery. Security feature uses face recognition to scan the user's face to open the computer. "Just by a single button, users can restore Windows OS and all the data hard disk drive terback-up," he said.
Capacitive touch screens IdeaCentre B520 AIO PC using Project Capacitive Touch (PCT) so sensitive to touch. Lenovo also pinned Key features one TV, a remote control screen that allows users to move from job to a TV screen. Game is the ability to adopt 3D technology with the quality of the HD screen.
Finally, AIO PC IdeaCentre B520 is sold for Rp. 14 million have a size that is simple and does not take place. PC also does not require a lot of wires, in contrast to a conventional PC. PC was guaranteed a year with a service "on side" is Lenovo will take a faulty device directly at the customer residence or work.
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