Less than a year Hitachi Give Success 1000 VSP

Friday, August 12, 2011 Label:
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) recorded a success in his support for the development of cloud computing systems.
Transforming the data center to the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) has done a lot of big companies, making the proposed solution becomes the foundation for the implementation of cloud computing.
Not surprisingly, many people use the solution ini.alam less than one year, HDS has sent more than a thousand to hundreds of customers VSP system. With that much volume, VSP successfully expand its presence in the market, while making the most successful product introductions in the history of HDS.
Users of this solution, among others Thorough Datacentre (Malaysia), Academica Sinica (Taiwan) and Kiwibank (Australia). As an open multivendor storage virtualization solution with the level of performance and capacity of the best in its class, Hitachi VSP help them meet the massive scalability that includes virtualized server environments.
"Many organizations continue to look for a simple but effective solution to build and manage virtualized data center that reduces risk and operational costs, increase sustainability and increase the rate of return of storage assets," said Hu Yoshida, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Data Systems.
He explained Hitachi VSP is the cornerstone of the vision of un-tuk to transform the data base (data center) became the center of information (information center), where access to content is going smoothly in a virtualized environment. The benefits obtained''the customer is the ability to increase (scale-up), expand (scale-out) and deepen (scale-deep) so that data center scalability achieved cost savings and level of alertness in the virtualized data center,''said Yoshida.
Through the ability of data migration and page-level dynamic tiering, Yoshida claimed that the company can narrow the lag time and the suspension system to move data automatically to the most appropriate storage location so that simplify and optimize cost and performance tier. "
According to the latest survey from TechValidate, an independent research institute which provides customer data from a third party to the company, more than half the company's enterprise-class enhanced Hitachi VSP has increased the performance level of 50 percent. Factors driving force is the ability of the Hitachi platform VSP conquer the biggest challenges in a data center that simplifies storage management.
The organization also estimates VSP save up to 50 percent of administrative costs and energy, compared to similar offerings from competitors. This makes the VSP Hitachi enterprise storage platform as the most efficient on the market today.
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