To Compete with Google Plus, Facebook undaunted

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Head of International Development Division of Facebook, Javier Olivan, said Facebook was never afraid to compete with Google Plus. The existence of Google actually increase the spirit of Facebook to continue to innovate. Facebook also is considering opening a representative office in Indonesia.

In accordance with Facebook's mission is "to give people the power to communicate and share, and make the world more open and interconnected," Facebook continues to create innovations; in between services in different languages, including Indonesian, video chat services, as well as ease of installation advertising for business people.

This was said by Javier Olivan, the conference ID Byte 2011, in Jakarta, Thursday. According Olivan, innovation development are preferred so that it does not worry about Google's latest developments Plus.

Olivan said, "We greatly appreciate Google as a company is always innovating and on one side are also very pleased to see they now believe the same things with us, the world is increasingly connected to each other and the socialization of people who formed via the Internet . 'But, says Olivan, Facebook will remain focused on the supervision of the material, creating innovative products and new applications.

Olivan impressed with Indonesia, because of Facebook users is increasing from day to day. Of the 750 million Facebook users worldwide, 250 million of whom are from Indonesia, many who even have more than two accounts, with different names. This makes Indonesia the world's largest users of Facebook, after the United States.

Of the 17 representatives, the only country in Southeast Asia who have a Facebook representative was Singapore. One time might also open up representative offices in Indonesia. Indonesia is the best place to try different things related to mobile technology products. People here are so quick to adapt to technology, so I'll come here more often, says Olivan.

ID Byte is a showcase conference, exhibition, and appreciation for those who develop and promote the digital industry in Indonesia. In addition to Facebook, also attended by representatives of Research In Motion (RIM) and Kaskus Networks.

CEO and founder of the leading digital media agency in Indonesia,, Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo, told VOA that the potential of digital media in Indonesia has been little recognized and utilized by the government. In fact, if not pursued, Indonesia could be left behind from other countries, especially in Asia. Internet market that thrives in Indonesia, also more supported by the mass use of mobile phones.

When opening the conference, Shinta Indonesia hopes the digital media industry can continue to grow. "This form of our responsibility. The conference is not just listening to the speaker, but how to put Indonesia in the digital media world map, "said Shinta Dhanuwardoyo.
Sources: voanews
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