Smokers Son Rises, Health Minister Concerned

Friday, July 15, 2011 Label:
Minister of Health, Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih expressed concern over the increasing number of children of smokers over the age of 10 years in Indonesia since the last four years.
"Based on the results of basic research of health Ministry of Health in 2010 the number of child smokers aged over 10 years since 2007 have increased the prevalence reached 28.2 percent," said Endang in Bukitinggi West Sumatra, Friday.
This statement came after giving a public lecture with the theme "Pulmonary Disease Prevention Efforts in Indonesia" at the XII National Congress of Lung Association Physician Indonesia (PDPI) in selengarakan at Hotel The Hills Bukitinggi.
Although not mentioning the exact number of smokers aged 10 years or older, in 2007 the number of smokers aged 10 years or older was only 23, 7 percent.
"It means there is an increase of about five per cent where they have an increased risk of lung cancer by 20-25 percent," he continued.
To overcome this the Ministry of Health is taking several steps such as issuing a new tobacco RPP, which is currently pending in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
Then, local governments are required to issue regulations banning smoking in public places and in some areas this is pretty good welcome.
"The Ministry of Health welcomes the Government issuing regulations ban smoking in public places because it is one attempt to nourish the community," he said.
Next, ban smoking campaigns are also conducted in schools to sensitize young people that smoking is a habit that is not good and not healthy.
The existence of organizations such as Muhammadiyah and NU are also expected to play in tackling it and contributing to the health dangers of smoking campaign.
Data from the Ministry of Health of Central Kalimantan was the region with the highest prevalence of smokers in the country at 43, 2 percent and Southeast Sulawesi with the lowest prevalence of 28.3 percent.
Sources: Reuters
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