France doubled Investment Commitment

Sunday, July 3, 2011 Label:
The France government committed to doubling its investment in Indonesia within the next five years. Investment in both the fields of infrastructure and energy. As stated by the Prime Minister (PM) France Francois Fillonini at a news at the State Palace after a meeting of the bilateral Indonesia-France, Friday (1 / 7).
According to him, Indonesia is a strategic partner for France par with other countries such as China and India. Both countries will continue to enhance cooperation and complementarity.
One of cooperation that continues woven namely energy and tourism fields. In the energy sector for example, with the use of low-carbon energy. Then the infrastructure that respects the environment and biodiversity. And various co-operation in other sectors. "France supported this partnership, as it is today by offering financial support to projects related to urban transport and air transport safety," he said.
Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa said, for the year 2011 alone, the amount of investment that had been around 10 billion U.S. dollars. Settlement of investment will be made until 2014. "Of the total was for nickel is about 4 billion U.S. dollars and others," he explained.
At this bilateral meeting, Indonesia, France agree on a deal by signing a cooperation in the fields of education, cooperation museum field, the field of energy and mineral resources, as well as development cooperation Railway lines Padalarang-Bandung-Cicalengka.
It also carried a declaration of mutual understanding will of salvation flight navigation in Eastern Indonesia. "France supports this partnership by offering financial support to projects related to urban and transportation areas of aviation," said SBY.
Meanwhile, Yudhoyono presented a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Fillon very constructive and productive to have agreed to increase cooperation with new opportunities. In 2010 the volume of trade between the two countries reached 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. While current investment in France ranked 13 th with 20 years of accumulated 2.5 billion dollars, "he said.
On this occasion, the President also offer programs Masterplan Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia (MP3EI). "I invite constructive cooperation," he said.
In the field of defense too, SBY revealed the presence of cooperation in defense equipment. As well as increasing mutual visits of military officers between the two countries. "We are also partnerships for peace-keeping mission," he explained.
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