Still Remain Faithful Symbian, Nokia Will Supply This Year 150 Million Smartphone

Monday, May 23, 2011 Label:
Nokia will remain 'faithful' with the Symbian operating system, although Windows 7 Phone middle hook in negotiations with Microsoft.

Proving his loyalty, Nokia will continue to launch a Symbian-based phones with the latest cutting edge technology.

"Nokia still going to launch about 150 million Symbian-based phones," said Anvid Endrian, Market Product Manager Nokia Indonesia.

Nokia also denied to say no 'confident' with Symbian and then switch to Windows 7 Phone because Symbian compete with Android operating system, IOS, and BlackBerry OS on high-end phone market.

"That's not true, at this time still mengusai Symbian operating system market in the world," said Haryati Lawidjaja, Head of Services and Portfolio, Nokia Indonesia

Haryati say, each operating system has a high demand segments each including Symbian and Windows 7 Phone and collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft will give birth to a good synergy for the future Nokia devices. "Windows 7 Phone has sophisticated features such as HD Zune and Xbox," said Haryati.

So, when Nokia launched a tablet computer as usual and Symbian 4 Haryati said, "waiting on the game, we'll wait."

According to the Wikipedia page, Symbian ^ 4 is expected to be released in the first half of 2011. However, Nokia announced in October 2010, Symbian ^ 4 as a software update for all current Symbian opearsi system.
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