Press Exclusive Breastfeeding Infant Mortality Rate 22 Percent

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Label:
Giving BMS (ASI) exclusively through early initiation of breastfeeding can reduce infant mortality by 22 percent. "With early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD) to reduce infant mortality by 22 percent," said Chairman of the Indonesian Lactation Center (Selasi) dr.Utami Roesli, while exposure in the presence of the Vice Mayor of Bogor, which was attended by leaders of the regional Task Force in the City Government, on Tuesday.
Utami said, IMD is very important for infants because of contact between the baby's skin with the mother for at least one hour after delivery was the key. He explained that the skin is termoregulator mother, because mothers who gave birth to the chest skin of one degree hotter than mothers who do not deliver. "If the baby was cold, the skin temperature of mothers automatically rise two degrees to warm the baby and vice versa," Utami said.
Utami further mention, in the IMD process, the baby will lick her mother's skin to consume several bacteria that she needed. These bacteria will multiply to form the skin and intestinal probiotics in the baby.
IMD is also able to stimulate spending in the maternal hormone oxytocin that may reduce the risk of bleeding. "Thus, it means that this natural process is also able to reduce maternal mortality," he said.
In eksposnya Utami also emphasized exclusive breastfeeding for six months is very important for your baby's growth. "After five months of 29 days, a new baby is allowed to be given complementary foods, and as much as possible avoid food factory," Utami said notice.
Utami added, in a baby's growth is good for baby's consumption of rice or corn is milled, cooked with milk mixture. He pointed out, if a mother is using formula milk for her baby, every six months he had to spend approximately Rp 3 million for infant formula. While breastfeeding is economical.
He suggested, breastfeeding is optimized until the baby reaches the age of two years or more."So many benefits provided by God in such a way through this process. So how arrogant we are to ignore it all, give the baby milk in exclusion to us," he said.
Vice Mayor of Bogor, Achmad Ru'yat, who attended the occasion said that the socialization is very important because until now still developing the wrong paradigm among mothers. "With beauty reason many mothers hesitate to give milk to her baby. But breast milk is important because it contains many amino acids and colostrum is good for the growth of our children," he said.
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