Indonesia's proposal Evenly Asean Economic Development

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Deputy Minister of Trade Affairs, Mahendra Siregar, said the premises propose a more equitable economic development of ASEAN region. Indonesia proposes three important points in the ASEAN Economic Ministers meeting, the "region of equitable economic development", "macro economic policy", and "food and agriculture prices volatility," Mahendra said after attending a meeting of ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) at Jakarta Convention Center , Friday.
"We propose the importance of creating a region with equitable economic development, macroeconomic policies, and how to cope with price fluctuations of food and agricultural products," he said.
According to the three main topics will be discussed again at the ASEAN summit meeting which took place on 7-8 May for the next summit brought in a further meeting of ASEAN Economic Ministers in November 2011 in Bali.
The Indonesian delegation at the meeting also looked at the palm oil industry is important inclusion in the discussion, especially to be linked to ASEAN's economic cooperation with the EU.
"The issue of palm oil for specifically discussed also conveyed Malaysia and Cambodia, in addition to five other priority areas of infrastructure, Agrifood, automotive, 'healthcare', and services," he said. He continued, barriers to entry of Indonesian CPO products is closely related to the development of trade cooperation with EU investment.
"We agree that the palm oil industry needs to be added in the five sectors that need to be developed with the European Union, in addition to the development of" green technology "to support investment in countries in the ASEAN region," he said.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Delegation of Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung, said that despite the discussion of five areas of agreement, but to act upon perceived is still difficult because of the economic imbalance among ASEAN members.
"We encourage all parties in advance resolve economic imbalances among ASEAN, and only then can continue cooperation with the EU," he said.
According to Nguyen, the problem of economic inequality can be overcome, cooperation with the European Union on trade and investment are believed to run more smoothly.
Vietnam, Nguyen added, also approved an agreement with the increased capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in this area because this sector proved to be one of the country's economic support in times of crisis hit the Southeast Asian region.

Source: Antara
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