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Community activists Dakocan Fables, Ivan Sumantri Bonang, recommends that parents provide at least 20 minutes of quality to communicate with the child.
"In the context of education in the family, parents should have the skills to translate the principles of early childhood education for children especially," said Ivan, one of the storytellers in the community, in Bandarlampung, on Tuesday (24 / 5).
Provision of quality time, he continued, is a basic requirement for parents to translate the principles of early childhood education within the family. "Originally the parents must provide the quality time that as much as possible for their children. But because of time constraints, then at least parents should provide a minimum of 20 minutes that can amaze the children for parenting principles can be implemented," he said.
Ivan explains, the quality time shared between parents and children are not only determined by lot or little time care provided by parents to their children. Quality time is largely determined by the high intensity of communication between parents and children.
"The more quality time for children, the emotional closeness between parent and child will awake. Proximity will allow parents to transfer the values ​​to their children. And it gives a great opportunity to set up a good character and hone many kinds of intelligence, "he said.
At this time, he said, did not rule out the possibility that parenting a child is not fully performed by both parents for various reasons, such as obstructed if the work to earn a living for the family.
So care of a child should be left to adults other than parents, for example, grandmother, sister, or even a nanny.
"However, the above barriers are not an excuse for parents not to make quality care for their children. In a span of time which is frail, elderly people should remain mengkreasi quality time for his son," he advised.
He also explained, for the parents who have the opportunity to perform direct care towards their children, also can not say automatically that also has quality of care.
This can happen because of the inability of parents to communicate with parents is also a lack of understanding of the needs of children in accordance with the age growth.
On the other hand the needs of the child to the care and intensive care from their parents can not be postponed.
"The environment a child is particularly limited beginning at home. That means they are very dependent on adults that their parents nearby, then the relationship between children and parents have an important role in determining patterns of psychic development, sosal, and emotional in the future," said him.
Storyteller was also explained, there are many methods used to mengkreasi time in the care of a quality meeting between parents and children.
The method can be used are simple games, storytelling, praise, awards, memorizing the values, causal games, word games that require a longer thoughts, and dialogue or discussion and can be applied to children by looking at the age level of development.
"But for early childhood, of all the above methods, the method of telling or storytelling is the most appropriate method. Why is that? Because babies or children do not have a reference about many things and can not fantasize because of the limitations of their cognitive and language," he said .
Parents should provide stimulus to enhance the ability of the child, for that parents need to describe in detail about the things that tell.
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