Beware .. Hot Weather Can Trigger Skin Cancer

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Label:
The high air temperature in Medan, which reached 34 degrees Celsius in recent days, assessed can trigger skin cancer for a person. That's when too often exposed to ultraviolet light.

"Sunlight is not good when the temperatures reached 34 degrees celsius. Therefore, it can damage the skin and can cause kanker.Yang fear is easy to ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer," said dermatologist, Irwan Rangkuti, in Medan, on Monday (9 / 5).

However, according to Irwan, skin cancer experienced by a person does not simply happen. New skin cancers occur when skin is too long and constantly exposed or exposed to ultraviolet light.

"Not once during a month or two months, the community can be affected by this skin cancer. Rather, frequent exposure to sunlight over many years," he said.

In addition, Irwan is also wary of the public asked a fungal disease. Because, hot weather can cause a person sweat so that clothes will be damp or wet. If left unchecked, it could cause or prickly heat prickly heat and skin diseases can also be affected by fungus.

"To avoid this, if people who conduct activities outside the home, they should make use of skin moisturizers and wearing loose-fitting clothing and can absorb sweat," he said.

Source: Antara
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