Bank Permata review Spin Off Syariah Unit

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Label:
Permata Bank continues to assess the possibility of spin off business units sharia (UUS) bank. Director of Retail Banking of Bank Permata, Lauren Sulistiawati, citing separation of the bank's Islamic unit is not easy and should be carefully set.

He admitted his side must make sure that sharia unit system is really strong when the spin-off finally completely done. ''This is not just about infrastructure, but also business,''explained Lauren.

For example, minimum capital, Lauren said that the Bank Permata Syariah Unit has been able to meet the BI requirements. However, it still must maintain a capital adequacy ratio (CAR). Bank Permata sharia unit CAR target should be higher than the applicable Bank Indonesia minimum of 12 percent.

"Although the Islamic unit, if they need additional capital, we must have capital allocation," he said.

Permata sharia unit until the customer has now reached 60 thousand people. Spin-off set forth in the Act (the Act) Islamic Banking No. 21 of 2008. Banks should be separate from conventional Islamic unit if the assets of Islamic unit has reached 50 percent of the parent bank or no later than 2023 later.
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