Autistic Children Often So the "Victim" One of Foster Parents

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Psychiatric expert, Prof. Dr. Dr. Luh Ketut Suryani, SpKJ said children with autism, ie, congenital abnormalities characterized by super-active action, often the "victim" of his parents forcing them to become like a normal child."Poor children with autism forced to be like a normal child with no special handling preceded. Actions that can actually aggravate the psychological side of the child," said Prof. Suryan in Denpasar, on Monday.
Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University says, children with autism does not mean abnormal, but children who need attention and a deeper understanding of his father and mother."Often the parents whose children with autism believe that her baby was 'sick', so that still impose his will for the child to apply this and that," he said.
Prof. Syriac said, rarely have parents who want to assess or understand that their own actions have created real suffering of the children with autism actually be getting worse.
By making the child as "victim" wants the parents, he added, could cause autism normalizing process will be longer.
He said, children with special needs this could eventually become normal and even become a great children if their parents want to be calm, accept what is, while providing an appropriate education. "If an autistic child was disturbing other people, perhaps first of all children are given education in special schools. But after receiving treatment, they will be able to attend desegregated with normal children," he said.
Head of Syriac Institute for Mental Health suggests to parents whose children suffer from autism, to follow the education in order to have an understanding of the condition of such children. "Before starting the program for their children, parents should follow the first education up to the understanding of the actual condition of the child," he said.
According to him, children with autism need special handling, and is still left as is, what will happen later on them. "Of course, beyond what we expected," he said.
Syriac revealed that there are schools on the island, there is generally not yet ready to accept or to educate children with autism. "Not only can serve children with special needs, teachers are there now, dealing with students who normally have been overwhelmed," said Prof Syriac.
Source: Antara
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