Absolute Alcohol Cause Cancer

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One of the 10 cancers in men and one out of 33 in women in many Western European countries caused by the consumption of alcohol present and the past, according to a study published on Friday (8 / 4). 

The number is very high in some types of cancer, the study said. In 2008, the man, 44, 25 and 33 percent of colon cancer, liver and upper digestive tract caused by the respective alcohol in the six countries studied, the study said. 

The country is the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and Denmark. The study also showed that half of cancer cases occur in men who drank more than the recommended limit every day, namely 24 grams of alcohol or about two small glasses of wine or about half a liter of beer. 

Cancer rates in women in the same country, coupled with the Netherlands and France, is 18 percent for cancer of the throat, mouth and stomach, 17 percent of liver cancer, breast cancer five percent and four percent of colon cancer. 

Four-fifths of cases are caused by the daily consumption above the recommended limits. Limit for women is half the level of man. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has long set no causal relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer, especially liver cancer, colon, upper gastrointestinal tract and, for women with breast cancer. 

However, few studies have attempted to link the entire society at large between cancer rates and total consumption of alcohol. Also not many studies done on the disease burden proprosi appearing in humans who drink more than the permitted limit. 

"Our data show many cases of cancer have been avoided if alcohol consumption is limited to two servings of alcohol per day in men and one serving of alcohol for women," said Madlen Schütze, an epidemiologist at the Germany Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam and the study's lead author. 

The findings also indicate the limits set by many national health agencies may not be loud enough to avoid the disease, said Schütze, as reported by AFP on Saturday. 

The results, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), taken from a survey of 363,000 cancer EPIC men and women who have followed their progress since the mid-1990s. Other risk factors that also may have resulted in cancer - especially smoking and obesity - are also taken into account, the researchers said. 

Nearly 44 percent of men in Germany consume more alcohol than the daily limit of 24 grams, then followed by Denmark (with 43.6 per cent) and Britain (41.1 percent). 

Among women, the German was still in the top position that list, with 43.5 percent of women there exceed the limits for alcohol consumption, and Denmark in second place with 41 percent and Britain in third place (37.7 percent). 

Many researchers also found an association between alcohol, cancer and aging that occur at the cellular level, the shortening of telomeres. Telomere DNA is part of the rope that is at the end of telomere DNA and play a role in maintaining cell stability. The older a person then it will be increasingly shorter telomeres. 

Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with oxidative stress and inflammation are two mechanisms that make the telomeres become shorter. Because telomere shortening associated with an increased risk of cancer, the study was conducted to determine whether there is a relationship between alcohol consumption exceeds the permitted limits and the increased risk of cancer. 

The results of this study was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 101st Annual Meeting 2010. The results indicate that telomeres shorten dramatically in weight group consumed alcohol while in the group who are not heavy alcohol consumed, the length of telomeres at least half of normal. In conclusion, there is a link between excessive alcohol consumption and increased cancer reisko.
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