Childbirth Pain, Reduce by Acupuncture

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Pain, even unbearable pain during childbirth is often made that women will give birth to her first child feel anxious and scared. Yet by utilizing acupuncture during the birth, the pain can be reduced and minimized.
Acupuncture technique that works by sticking needles at certain nerve points, has long been recognized as a traditional treatment techniques that originated from China. Now, the technique of acupuncture has also been blended with modern medical science is recognized. And at this time would be involved even further to ease the process of birth for mothers.
This is described acupuncture specialists from Solo Orthopaedic Hospital Dr. Budiman Sharif when present as a speaker in the "socialization Utilization of Acupuncture in Pain-Free Labor" in the Faculty of Medicine, State University of Eleven March (UNS), Thursday (17 / 2). Socialization attended by a number of midwives from the hospital Moewardi Solo, Surakarta Islamic Hospital Yarsis, and clinic in Solo.
Dr. Sharif asserted, the use of acupuncture can be effective if used before the opening of the cervix is four inches. However, Sharif warned, the nature of pain is relative for every person does not make this discomfort disappeared altogether. "It would still exist, but its intensity is controlled under the pain that can be tolerated."
So far, there has been no maternity hospital that carries out acupuncture services for mothers giving birth. In fact, the use of acupuncture can reduce pain effectively, without drugs at a cheap price. "It only takes a needle. Of course conducted by a practitioner of acupuncture."
During this time, to reduce pain during uterine contractions, maternal pain reduction of fluid injected, one with the method of intra labor analgesia (ILA). "Acupuncture does not affect the ability of the mother's contractions, while the ILA are still frequently affected the contraction."
The use of acupuncture would be effective on deliveries in Kala phase I and II. At Kala I, this facse experiencing cervical opening to 10 inches, and began entering phase II Kala infants spending by straining and pushing the fetus until birth. When Kala I, acupuncture practitioner or acupuncturist will place the needle on a number of points on the spine. While at Kala II, the needle will ditusukan around the tail bone.
When both phases of this pain must be found expectant mothers who give birth normally. In the last two phases, Kala III and IV, the phase of the release of the placenta to control two hours after the baby came out, there is no more pain that needs to be reduced by means of acupuncture.
The use of acupuncture is an effort to ease childbirth expectant mothers to minimize the pain they experienced. Sharif added that preparations bahka birth through education and mentoring of pregnant women will determine the success of the process of giving birth.
"Pain is a moment that must be passed every woman to transition from the womenhood toward motherhood." In addition, according to Sharif, the presence of their husbands, families, midwives, acupuncturists and doctors SpOG a successful team unity that will determine the birth mother and baby
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