Geothermal tilled, Aceh Surplus Electricity 2015

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Label:
* Germany Grants for Seulawah Agam.

JAKARTA - Aceh entered a new phase in pemanfataan geothermal energy (geothermal). The German government through German Development Bank, KfW, donated 7.7 million euros, or USD 90 billion for projects pembagunan geothermal power plant (PLTP) Seulawah Agam, Aceh Besar.
The signing of grant agreement was made between the Governments of Germany and Indonesia by the First Secretary Embassy of Germany in Indonesia, Andreas Kleine and Director General of the Ministry of Finance Debt Management Waluyanto. Continued with the signing of the cooperation development of power projects, geothermal power Seulawah Agam between the Governor of Aceh Irwandi Yusuf and Director of the German Development Bank (KfW) for Indonesia Bjorn Theis, Tuesday (18 / 1) in Jakarta.
The project was worked out this year and scheduled to complete in 2015. Would generate electric power 1 x 55 Megawatt (MW). The signing was witnessed by the Regent of Aceh Besar Dr M Bukhari Daud, Head of Aceh Besar DPRK, Syarifuddin, Head of Mining and Energy Mineral Resources Aceh Ir Ikhsan Said, Head of Legal and Public Relations Secretariat Aceh Makmur Abraham and several members of Aceh's oil and gas team. Only the Chairman of the DPRA Hasbi Abdullah, who did not appear in the signing space.
Governor Irwandi said, the signing of the cooperation that event as a historic day for Aceh, after a series of lengthy and costly process since two years ago. "This signing is part and parcel of the German Government's commitment in the development of geothermal potential Seulawah Agam. This is an indicator that the development of geothermal power plants immediately implemented, "call the governor with a bright face.
According to him, Aceh has the potential for significant primary energy that can be harnessed to generate power is clean and friendly environment. "Aceh has 17 locations that have the potential of approximately 1115 MWe (megawatts electric), where two of them in and Seulawah Agam Jaboi Sabang, Aceh Besar," call the governor that afternoon wearing a suit and tie.
Jaboi region in the near future soon enter the exploration phase and is expected to be completed in 2013. To the German government, Governor Irwandi expect to be able to further increase aid, not only limited to the development of geothermal energy, but also potential development of other primary energy such as hydroelectric power found in many parts of Aceh.
Governor Irwandi said, until recently Aceh still has problems in the availability of electrical energy. 240 MW of power available, only enough to meet the needs listril nonindustri households and hotels. Of the total need, as much as 60 percent is obtained from the relationship of interconnection with power plant in North Sumatra. "God willing, with the presence of geothermal Seulawah this Agam and supported other sources of electrical energy, electrical energy supply began in 2015 Aceh will be a surplus. This course is ideal for investors and long-term development of Aceh, "said the Governor.
Finance Ministry Director General of Debt Management, Rahmat Waluyanto states, cooperation grant with the pattern of intergovernmental cooperation and the German private sector for development of geothermal energy is the first carried out. "It is expected that this pattern will become an example the development of geothermal projects in the future," said Rahmat.
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