Smoking While Pregnant, Baby Birth recidivist, Believe?

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The medical community has warned mothers not to smoke during pregnancy. The warning is based on the negative effects of smoking are not limited to befall the mother but the child she is carrying. The results reveal the latest research in addition to the impact of physical health, child mental health are also threatened due to mothers who smoked while pregnant. Journal of Epidemilogy and Community Health even mention the existence of the relationship between smoking during pregnancy with the quantity of acts of crime teenage children.
"The prevalence of very high attitude problem when the child enters adulthood," said Angela Paradis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, as quoted from, Friday (19/11). According to him, there are two groups of adolescent attitude formation is the result of the negative effects of smoking. The first group is a group that may be spelled 'thugs' while the second group is a group that is at the level still searching. Judging from the two earlier symptoms, researchers only focus group research on adults 'punk'.
Previously, researchers used data from 3766 participants in the Collaborative Perinatal Project, based in Providence, RI, to learn about the smoking habits of pregnant women in the area. By researchers, the mothers were interviewed about their smoking habits in the span of years 1959-1966. Researchers choose a time frame that's because the era of the smoke is not considered harmful to fetal health. In addition to interviews, researchers also took blood samples of mothers and analyzed to strengthen the evidence that smoking related volunteers. In 1999 and 2000 when all children born of these volunteers have reached adulthood, the researchers immediately check their criminal records.
Departing from the exploration of the volunteers, the researchers noted that the negative consequences of smoking during pregnancy, the mother had given birth to generations of criminals. The reason, 30 percent of mothers who smoked heavily during pregnancy (20 cigarettes per day), their children languishing in jail. "Although we can not definitely conclude that maternal smoking during pregnancy (especially heavy smoking) is a risk factor causes of crime as adults, research findings see the relationship," said Paradis.
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