Indonesia to promote Mt Merapi`s eco-tourism

Monday, November 22, 2010 Label:
The Indonesian Tourism and Culture Ministry is planning to develop an eco-tourism package around the slopes of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Province, an official said.

"We have received a proposal of creating a new eco-tourism package around the Mount Merapi`s areas," the ministry`s spokesperson, Winarno Sudjas, said here Sunday.

In connection with this plan, Winarno said that the ministry had agreed to hold a volcano sightseeing tour guide training by empowering local youths.

The new eco-tourism package was mainly designed as an attraction for international tourists to learn more about Mount Merapi in an effort to support the restoration of the volcano`s tourism condition after its deadly eruptions on October 26 and November 5, he said.

"The Yogyakarta province`s real economic sector will also recover if this new eco-tourism proposal is followed-up. The economic recovery is partly assisted by gift shops and travel lodges," he said.

However, all stakeholders of the province`s tourism industry need to have strong commitment to making the Mount Merapi`s eco-tourism package come true, he said.

With the mutual commitments of every stakeholder around the volcano`s areas, the training and other preparatory activities could be started, he said.

Besides that, the ministry was also seeking for potential investors who would restore the province`s tourism industry in the aftermath of the Mount Merapi eruptions that killed at least 259 people, he told stakeholders of the Yogyakarta tourism sector.

The local tourism industry`s stakeholders still collected necessary data for following the plan up, he said.

"We are now waiting for an appropriate moment to develop the volcano`s tracking tour packages that present Mount Merapi`s latest dramatic eruptions," he said.
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